My last favourite food coming from Japan is called “Sashimi”. It is basically raw seafood including fish, shrimp, octopus.  Sashimi is often cut into pieces and eaten with soy sauce and wasabi. Sometimes, Japanese people eat it with vegetable and garlic.

First, Lets consider how it is made. The fisherman have to use their special hooker to capture the fish in order not to reduce the fresh of them. Then, with the aim of reducing the acid inside the fish,  they use a special sharp spike to pierced theirs brain, that is called Ike jime process and the fish can be keep in fresh mode for almost 10 days.

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Secondly, lets consider to the cooking process, sashimi is a type of raw seafood, so its not really considered to the cooking process, only octopus, which have to be boiled to make the meat become softer. Sashimi is cut into thin slices and decorate in the dish.

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Finally, lets consider to serving. Sashimi. In some famous Japanese restaurant, people can see how their sashimi meal is made by the cooks. They will come to your table and cook it for you. Moreover, it is often eaten with garnish, especial asian whitegarnish. Garnish, which is cut into really thin slices, cover the sashimi. Soy sauce is mixed with wasabi, and people can enjoy it after pick and dip it into the sauce.

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Here is the recipe for making a Sashimi meal for 6 people.

Cuisine: Japanese

Category: seafood

Servings: 6


1 pound freshly filleted porgy, sea bass,
striped bass, red snapper, squid, abalone or
1 Japanese white radish, peeled, shredded
and soaked in cold water
Chirizu dipping sauce
Tosa Joyu dipping sauce

1 tbsp. wasabi (green horseradish) powder

(mealmaster 2011)

Here is the video to show you how to make it.

(akash73 2006)


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