My other favourite food is sushi, one of the most well known dishes in the world from Japan. It is a Japanese traditional food, a combination of rice and raw seafood, with some vegetable inside

Journal Week 2011

First thing to consider is, there are 5 kinds of sushi. The first kind is called nigirizushi. Sumeshi rice is covered with a piece of tane. In the middle, cook often put a little wasabi to make its taste become more sweet and salty. Second kind is known as makizushi, covered with seaweed and has raw seafood inside. The last kind is fried-sushi, also called as inarizushi. It was soaked with sauce and then fry with a lot of oil.

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Secondly, lets consider to the recipe. The most important thing that goes with every kind of sushi is rice. The rice has to be soft and sticky or else it cannot combine with other things inside. The second thing that is important and goes with MOST OF the sushi is seaweed, which is the thing that the cook use to roll and combine things inside sushi together. Then, depends on which kind of sushi, cooks can put shrimp, salmon, chicken, avocado,.. to make different kinds of sushi.

Journal Week 2011

Thirdly, there are many kinds of places in Japan that you can enjoy sushi with friends. The most popular place called Kaiten, which is a conveyor belt sushi that you can pick any sushi that you like and enjoy it. However, it is not as good as in restaurants for sushi. They contain the best sushi cook from Japan and the quality in there is way more better than Kaiten.  The last place is sushi bar, which you can demand and take away your sushi.

Here are the ingredients for making one of the simplest sushi – Salmon Sushi:

_1/2 lb. fresh salmon
_2 1/4 parts vinegar
_2 parts salt


1. Filet out the middle portion from back to front. Marinate for one day in a mixture of salt and 5% vinegar until the surface of the fish is ‘cooked’ (like seviche).

2. Freeze overnight and then slice thin. Serve with Japanese rice.


(Baovan Truong)

(Mysushidaddy 2011)


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