Thai Massaman Curry

Thai food is my favorite. It’s spicy and hot. Thai people usually like spicy food. Thai food in Thailand is much more diverse and much spicier than Thai food outside of Thailand. We are also got many kind of food such as Fired rice, Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong etc. “Massamun Curry” it is popular and it gets the most votes from people around the world in “Best dishes”.

Massaman Curry 2011

My own story…

I have a good own story about cooking massaman curry. My mom lovescooking and she always makes meals for my family.

Kaeng Masssaman 2011

One day she asked me to help her for cooking but for me, I didn’t even know how to cook a meal then my mom taught me how to cook massamun curry. I was a kitchen hand for her. I helped her to chop ingredients.I am a bad helper so she had to teach while she was cooking. I learnt a lot from mom. She taught me many things on how to make the curry. This is good because when I live on my own I will able to cook for myself. So I am very happy my mom taught me to cook this curry. My mom is a really good cook so I am glad that she helped me to learn how to cook good food. When we finished the curry, we ate it together. The curry was delicious. This is such a good memory with me learning how to cook with my mom.


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