Massaman Curry – some basic things about this unique chicken massaman curry.

Massaman Curry is often made of chicken, beef, pork. Because of that, it is very healthy. Thai people often have lunch with this fantastic curry and some rice. It is very easy to make it yourself so it is a very favorite food for Thai people and also for foreigners.

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Sushi – the healthiest food in the world.

Here are some pictures of Sushi, the most well known Japanese food in the world. For me, sushi is one of the healthiest food in the world. That is because it is made of raw fish, which contains a lot of healthy stuffs rather than stired or fried fish.

My advice, if you want to have a try with sushi, the best sushi restaurant in melbourne is Sushi Sushi. Enjoy, guys.

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This video can show you how to make sushi

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Introduction – the meaning of food in our daily life

As you know, food is an essential part to our everyday life. We need food to help us stay help and fit. Food provides us with the right amount of nutrients and energy so we can live properly. Most food are good for our body, however, there are some which can cause problems. For example, fatty food such as meat pies can cause obesity if the person eats a lot of them. The most healthy food are things like fruit and vegetables or food that has not been altered by artificial colours or flavouring. Every human needs a good balanced diet so they can be healthy.

So, we will provide you with a better knowledge about some of the popular food in the world, which are Japanese, Thai, and European food.

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This is Nat Duc Silva co-operation, which is the food website, will give you details about different food cultures in the world including Japanese, Thai, and European food. Hope you will enjoy this website and vote for us!

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